Teisco West – The Goonga Project


Glen Hannah aka 'Goonga'

Mental health.


And so it went with Glen Hannah and the band he left, for good. Teisco West.


In May 2019, mental illness tore a massive hole in the lives of Tia and Ellie Hannah, and Felicity Urquhart.     

For every one of Glen Hannah’s many friends in the music industry Glen’s importance was understood through his profound talent, creativity and friendship.


The whole idea for Teisco West, the concept, the drive for this music came from Glen Hannah. Goonga. He told fellow producer, songwriter, guitarist and friend, Jeremy Edwards,he needed to rock. He was sick of being careful. The ultimate sideman needed to shout out loud, on his own terms. Compadres Matt Fell and Steve Fearnley were honoured to be asked to be their partners in rock n roll misdemeanours and guitar crimes. Goonga was the only guy they all just said yes to. No second thoughts. The writing came easy and fast. The vibe was instant, the excitement palpable. Then Glen was gone…...a rocket, a flash, a heartbreak unimaginable. The band was left with a near-finished album with nowhere near enough of his sublime playing and singing on it. They didn't think they could but they dusted off. For him. For his girls. For themselves. The band finished his idea with love and help from his friends, who all gave their hearts and time to their first album.


Guests and contributors - Felicity Urquhart, Lyn Bowtell, Shane Nicholson, James Haselwood, Kevin Bennett, Sam Hawksley and Ted Howard.


It became The Goonga Project.



The music

Deep in the pockets of the songs of Teisco West, drill down you can hear the likes of Doyle Bramhall, Ry Cooder, Chris Whitley, Little Feat, The Bros Landreth, Keith Richards’ XPensive Winos, Patti Scialfa, QOTSA and The Black Crowes.  You can hear the incendiary twin guitar attack, the funky roots rock of the scathing Millionaire or the first sexy as fuck single 'Dynamite' which sounds like The Easybeats meets

T Rex meets Josh Homme. From their respective corners, Hannah, Edwards, Fell and Fearnley  bring too many years of experience (to admit to), and more vibe than a house party at Lightnin' Hopkins' place. It’s fair to say the list of Australian artists these guys have played live or recorded with is way too long to mention. Hannah’s initial idea to Edwards of a ‘two guitars vs the world’ band still plays out in the approach to the songs but the members soon realised that it was always only going to work unless the songs were a knockout too.

The initial song-writing plan was to start a completely collaborative project with multiple writers who ‘got it’. The sound. The cajones the band wanted in the music.


Hannah and Edwards found themselves so excited about the music they were creating, the songs started flowing faster than they could keep up with. They didn't need anybody else. Before they knew it there was an album's worth. Hell yes.

You would think, with 3 producers in their own right in Hannah, Fell and Edwards in one band, you may get some long drawn out overblown project that had too many ideas to get flight. Quite the contrary occurred. The songs and recordings had wings of their own and the studio days at Hannah’s Studio “Goonga” were some of the quickest and most productive the members of this new band had ever experienced. Drawing influences from Texas bluesmen Stevie Ray and Jimmie Vaughan, the wide open spaces of a Daniel Lanois’ production and the subtlety of Jason Isbell to the rock of Led Zepplin, The Goonga Project tells meaningful, well-crafted stories and rocks its arse off.

Throw in the incredible production and mixing talents and instinct of Ted Howard who the band have aptly called the 5th Beatle, and The Goonga Project was ready to pay tribute to the incomparable Glen Stephen Hannah and add to the list of lasting memories for his girls.


In honour of Glen, and with all proceeds heading to Tia & Ellie Hannah, Teisco West launches “The Goonga Project” at the Tamworth Hotel. 24/1/2020 7pm


with love and thanks - Jeremy Edwards, Matt Fell & Steve Fearnley